Palm Island (Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab)


Frequently called the eighth wonder of the world, the Palm Islands of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are the world’s largest artificial islands, each manmade into the shape of a palm tree.

In Dubai, where tourism is making it one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the Palm Islands are a popular travel destination. But only one of the three islands – the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira — that make up the Palms is open to visitors.

Claiming the title of the largest manmade archipelago in the world, the Palm Islands can be seen from space. Each of them is shaped like a palm tree, but there are no actual palm trees there.

According to How Stuff Works, the islands were a brainchild of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, who decided Dubai needed a new role as its oil supply ran out. Sheik Mohammed teamed up with Dubai-based developer Nakheel Properties to create islands for the emirate, whose desert climate and short coastline limited tourism development. The addition of the Palms in fact the coastline of the small emirate by 166 percent, according to TripGuideDubai. reported that state-owned developers Nakheel benefited from the construction, reporting a profit of $98.6 million in April and May despite global economic fragility.




Grand Canyon Arizona (United States)


One of the famous tourist places in the United States is the Grand Canyon . Grand Canyon even be one of the seven wonders of the world . Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona , USA. Grand Canyon itself is a very beautiful canyon formed by erosion by the Colorado River . These attractions appear as a steep cliff to the river below , a view of rocks result of natural processes over millions of years . Therefore , the Grand Canyon is often used as a place examined to determine the state of the earth millions of years ago look of the layers formed .

Grand Canyon tourist spot famous as the abode of the United States the native Indian tribes . Along the way to the Grand Canyon will be a lot of shops selling souvenirs and typical Indian restaurant selling Indian cuisine .

One of the interesting things of the Grand Canyon in the United States this is a suspension bridge Skywalk . Skywalk is located in the western part ( west rim ) Grand Canyon . Skywalk is a suspension bridge semicircular or like the letter U , located approximately 4000 feet from the ground , and the floor is translucent . Standing on the skywalk seemed to walk on air , with views of cliffs , canyons , and rivers are incredibly beautiful surroundings. However , if you have a phobia of heights , maybe you will think many times to walk the skywalk .

In the Grand Canyon tourist spot is also provided recreational rafting . Rafting across the Colorado River and other rivers with views of the surrounding canyon is beautiful . In addition , this tourist spot also offers views of lakes , ravines , and waterfalls . During a trip to the Grand Canyon are also many other tourist attractions . The trip to the Grand Canyon has many alternatives , you can use the helicopter , walking and also by car, bus , hummer tour and so on . Arriving at Grand Canyon tourist spot , guaranteed you’ll be treated by the amazingly beautiful scenery . Do not miss the chance to see the scenery at sunrise and sunset .



The Chocolate Hills (Filippina)


These mysterious conical mounds are known as the Chocolate Hills. There are approximately 1,268 individual hills, their heights ranging from 100 to 160 feet, though the highest is almost 400 feet high. The hills, which are almost all symmetrical, consist of grass-covered limestone and turn brown during the dry season.

Despite the abundance of hills, it is unclear how they were formed. There are multiple geological explanations ranging from oceanic volcano activity to limestone weathering. A recent theory is that an ancient volcano self-destructed and chunks of it were dispersed over the region.

Numerous legends and tales also exist to explain the Chocolate Hills. One legend is about a giant buffalo who came and wreaked havoc in the region, eating and destroying all the crops. As an act of vengeance, locals left out spoiled crops. When the buffalo ate them it got sick and left mounds of feces in its wake, bringing new meaning to the name “Chocolate Hills.”



Batu Caves (Malaysia)


TBatu Caves is a an iconic and popular tourist attraction in Selangor.

Site of a Hindu temple and shrine, Batu Caves attracts thousands of worshippers and tourists, especially during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam.

A limestone outcrop located just north of Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves has three main caves featuring temples and Hindu shrines.

Its main attraction is the large statue of the Hindu God at the entrance, besides a steep 272 climb up its steps to finally view the stunning skyline of the city centre.

Monkeys frolic around the caves, and it is a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts. Paintings and scenes of Hindu Gods can also be seen in the Ramayana Cave.



KL Tower (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


ravellers can take the elevator to reach the observation deck. On a clear day, the view can span across the entire Klang View, as far as Subang Jaya and Klang located more than 50km away.

For those looking to surprise their loved ones or just looking for a dining experience, then the revolving restaurant is a must. Located below the observation deck, it offers a wide range of buffet, dinner entrees and hightea. It is open daily from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch and 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm for dinner.

Located on top of Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the KL Tower is the only tower located within a forest, giving travellers a unique opportunity to trek one of the oldest forest reserves in Malaysia.
Although the main objective of KL Tower is to improve communication and broadcasting transmission, it has become an important national landmark. Travellers visiting Kuala Lumpur have said that the journey is not complete unless he/she has climbed the KL Tower.
Admission for the basic package consisting of a tour through the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and a ticket for the observation deck is RM45 for adults and RM30 for children below 12 years of age

Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Soaring to a height of 451.9 metres, the 88-storey twin structure is Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewel. Majestic by day and dazzling at night, the PETRONAS Twin Towers is inspired by Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s vision for Malaysia to be a global player. Together with master architect Cesar Pelli, the international icon powerfully captures the nation’s ambitions and aspirations.

Visit us and experience the PETRONAS Twin Towers first-hand. Begin your tour with interactive displays that showcase the journey, from idea to completion. Scale 170 metres in an elevator with a futuristic edge. The doors will open at the Skybridge, a connecting structure between the towers and the world’s highest 2-storey bridge. Ascend even higher to level 86, where the story of Malaysia’s vision unfolds amid breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur. Then wrap up your visit with exquisite souvenirs at the gift shop.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Petronas towers

Marina Bay Sands (Singapura)


Enjoy a Life of Luxury at the Marina Bay Sands®

If you are accustomed to a life of luxury on every level, you might be hard-pressed finding another experience that lives up to the Marina Bay Sands®.

Marina Bay Sands® is a magnificent destination for entertainment, business and shopping, delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This landmark building is situated in the heart of Singapore’s central business district. With a luxury hotel, state-of-the-art convention and exhibition facilities, theatres, and some of the best shopping and dining in the region,  Marina Bay Sands® is an experience that indulges your every fancy.