New York City (USA)



tourist attractions in the United States, is the largest and most populous city in the United States. new york city often called ” the city that never sleeps ” because it is always buzzing with activities of the population. located in the state of New York in one of the largest natural harbor in the world, New York City consists of five sections that include, brooklyn, manhattan, queens, staten island and the bronx. This city is famous in the world because of skyscrapers and famous tourist attractions. New York City is a city in the United States on a wide range of diverse activities of life .


Grand Canyon Arizona (United States)


One of the famous tourist places in the United States is the Grand Canyon . Grand Canyon even be one of the seven wonders of the world . Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona , USA. Grand Canyon itself is a very beautiful canyon formed by erosion by the Colorado River . These attractions appear as a steep cliff to the river below , a view of rocks result of natural processes over millions of years . Therefore , the Grand Canyon is often used as a place examined to determine the state of the earth millions of years ago look of the layers formed .

Grand Canyon tourist spot famous as the abode of the United States the native Indian tribes . Along the way to the Grand Canyon will be a lot of shops selling souvenirs and typical Indian restaurant selling Indian cuisine .

One of the interesting things of the Grand Canyon in the United States this is a suspension bridge Skywalk . Skywalk is located in the western part ( west rim ) Grand Canyon . Skywalk is a suspension bridge semicircular or like the letter U , located approximately 4000 feet from the ground , and the floor is translucent . Standing on the skywalk seemed to walk on air , with views of cliffs , canyons , and rivers are incredibly beautiful surroundings. However , if you have a phobia of heights , maybe you will think many times to walk the skywalk .

In the Grand Canyon tourist spot is also provided recreational rafting . Rafting across the Colorado River and other rivers with views of the surrounding canyon is beautiful . In addition , this tourist spot also offers views of lakes , ravines , and waterfalls . During a trip to the Grand Canyon are also many other tourist attractions . The trip to the Grand Canyon has many alternatives , you can use the helicopter , walking and also by car, bus , hummer tour and so on . Arriving at Grand Canyon tourist spot , guaranteed you’ll be treated by the amazingly beautiful scenery . Do not miss the chance to see the scenery at sunrise and sunset .