Rocky Mountains (Canada)

Rocky Mountains (Canada)

Rocky Mountains, Canada

Rocky Mountain is a mountain located in North America. Rockies, another name of Rocky Mountain, covers an area of 4,830 kilometers of British Columbia, Canada and Mexico.

Rocky Mountain, you can perform a variety of exciting activities, like mountain climbing, rock climbing, rafting, downhill cycling, skiing, picnicking, horseback riding, fishing and much more.

For those of you who like hiking, certainly very appropriate Rockies visited, because here there are more than 130 hiking trails. This pathway is divided into several groups (region). Region 1 is located on the west side of Grand Lake, region 2 in the Alpine region, region 3 located in the north of Estes Park. The location of the most frequently visited by tourists is the region 4, this spot is right in the middle of the mountains.

Want to look for more challenging activities? Just try climbing Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains this region. This location is for the big balls, because the cliff has ketinggaian 152.4 meters above the ground. But when he got on top, are guaranteed to be treated to spectacular scenery.

Travelers who visit Rocky Mountain can also try white water rafting. This activity is carried out in the Colorado River, the Poudre River, Clear Creek and several other rivers. Rafting is only done during the summer, so we recommend you look at the first of the season and weather conditions Canada before deciding to visit.

But when it comes to winter, you still will not be disappointed, because Rocky Mountain is also well-known as one of the best ski locations in the world. Try skiing at Alpine, Eldora, Winter Park or Loveland Ski Areas.

However, when skiing was considered too extreme, you can borrow snowshoes for walking around the venue. Once satisfied snowshoeing, go back to the motel to enjoy hot chocolate and soak in the hot tubs, sounds good, right?

Before he left the Rocky Mountain, time to visit the gift shop Brownfield’s. In addition to selling by – by, Brownfield’s also provide all equipment hiking and other outdoor apparel. If you stop by here when I first visited the Rocky Mountain, do not hesitate to ask – ask about the favorite location because Brownfield’s employees will be happy to advise.

Given the breadth of the Rocky Mountain area, the entry ticket price depends on where you come in. Average ticket – average sold price is $ 20 – $ 80 (not including rental locations picnic or camping).

You can visit the Rocky Mountain by car or bus. If you have not memorized the road, the driver should rent a car at the same time, so you do not get lost.

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